Health Benefits Of Coffee Essential Oil

There are many health benefits associated with coffee essential oil. Coffee was discovered about a thousand years ago in Ethiopia, but it has spread to other parts of the world since then. It was discovered by a shepherd after he realized how his goat was excited after feeding on the coffee berries. It is after this that the shepherd tried the berries himself. He experienced a euphoric feeling after testing the berries.

Coffee drink which is a brown drink is used by many people due to its power which helps people in picking up. Additionally, coffee has a lot of energy which can keep you working for many hours without getting exhausted. A study which was conducted by Harvard University revealed that long-term usage of coffee helps in lowering the risks of diabetes 2. Another study that was done in Norway revealed that coffee helps in reducing pain. It is also known for lowering the signs of chronic pain.

Constituents of coffee oil

Coffee essential oil is obtained through cold pressing method. About 80 compounds can be obtained from coffee depending on the extraction process used. Alcohols and terpenes also contain a considerable amount of caffeine. The coffee essential oil contains other different types of oil.

The different constituents of coffee oil include the following:

Oleic acid[piujkiyh[plklkloiu

It is commonly referred to as omega-9. This is a type of a fatty acid which commonly found in fish oil and olive oil supplements. The human body produces small amounts of this fatty acid when it is needed in the body. But adding it to the body helps in improving the functionality of the skin.

Stearic acid

This oil is mainly found in animal and vegetable fats. It is used by the skin care companies coffee oil acts as an excellent surfactant.

Palmitic acid

It is a saturated fatty acid. Saturated fatty acid are considered to be unhealthy for the body hut they are great for your skin. Palmitic has potent antioxidant properties.

Other useful components found in coffee oil include 2,3 dimethyl benzofuran and dihydro benzofuran. These are the healthy benefits of coffee oil in your body

Fighting nausea

Coffee has a strong earthy siutghjgbkjhkjcent which gives the body an immediate grounding effect when it is taken. You should inhale this strong scent when you are experiencing nausea. You can also fight nausea by wafting the coffee bottle under the nose. An aromatherapy diffuser can be used where you are expected to inhale the stem for about thirty minutes while you are sited in a chair.

Fights gas

The compounds that help in fighting nausea also helps in reducing bloating and gas formation within the digestive system. You can add a few drops of this oil to your personal inhaler whenever you experiences gas. This oil plays a critical role in relieving the gas produced.