How to deal with ear health problems

How would you feel if the sounds of the world are blocked to you? Ear infections are caused by the presence of viruses or bacteria in the middle ear.They are growing more often during childhood due to block eustachian tubes. Ear infections can also happen because of earwax build-up, cold or other respiratory infections allergies like exposure to irritants and pollutants, changes in climate and altitude. Genetic predisposition pain

and inflammation are almost inherent in ear infections. The condition could lead to symptoms like a headache, the pressure in the ear fluid, drainage from the ear, fever, nausea, vomiting, loss of balance and temporary loss of hearing.

Ability to treat your infection at home

fsdfdfsdfsdsdfghI will now tell you about some home remedies on how to deal with ear health problems. For the first remedy, take a cup of salt, put it in a pan and heat it over low flame for about eight to ten minutes. After heating it, place it on a piece of cloth and seal that open end with tie a knot or a rubber band when it’s very hot. Place it on the infected area for about five to ten minutes. Repeat this procedure every day. This method is particularly
safe and effective for kids.

The next home remedy to deal with ear health problem is to take about two tablespoons of seasoned oil or mustard oil in a pan. Place two garlic cloves in it and heat them on a low flame until they turn blackish. Strain the garlic oil and collect it in a container. Dip a cotton ball in the garlic oil and squeeze two to four drops into the infected ear.

The other home remedy is to take about four to five basil leaves and extract the juice. Dip a cotton swab or a cotton ball and apply the juice on and around the affected area. Do not put it in the ear canal. Repeat this remedy twice a day. If the pain worsens or doesn’t subside within days, consult your doctor.

Cleaning your ears to avoid ear health problems

The simple answer is you shouldn’t put q-tips into the ears. I believe there’s a warning on the box that says do not insert it into your ears”. Some people are using q-tips either on their children or to themselves where they’re pushing the wax in and the ear canal, which is about an inch long. This canal keeps producing wax which is supposed to be from inside out and supposed to flow out by itself. But it can’t flow out anymore.

Therefore, it starts building upon itself and rolling on itself. It becomes denser and denser. The wax can be like a rock at times. There are occasions where the medical practitioner will have to remove that small, brown crayon amount of wax out of someone’s ear because it’s built up so much. We have all seen situations where people have perforated their own eardrums by putting q-tips in.


The best way, which is recommended for people is to wash your ears with soapy water and then use your towel on your finger to sort of mop out the water and any wax that might be on the outside. Don’t put anything on the inside. If your ear is clogged or if there’s wax stuck inside, you really need a medical professional to get it out for you as this can lead to other
ear health problems.